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The two most widespread myths about cleaning stains from table linens pertaining to the timing of washing and ironing them. These myths have been passed down for generations, and they make many hosts uneasy when they take their freshly laundered tablecloth out of the box and see brownish spots and rings.


  • Myth #1:  “Most stains come out of linen tablecloths when they are washed at home.”
  • Myth #2: “If the cloth looks clean, after washing, then the cloth is clean.” 


Here is the truth. Not all stains disappear when you wash them. But some water-based and oil-based won’t come out with a simple hand washing.  Contaminators such as coffee and red wine can be removed with the help of special stain removers which should only be used by qualified professionals, though.


 While there aren’t any specific times to remove these stains, we recommend soaking in cold water or using a method such as vinegar or baking soda mixed with an equal amount of warm water before washing (or leaving overnight).


The very best remedy for oil-based stains would be to send it to an expert dry cleaner. Even after the hottest temperature, the correct method must be used for each kind of stain. It might be tempting to try out home remedies, but if you experience irreparable damage, you may end up regretting it.

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